A D visa based on an employment contract (work in the Republic of Bulgaria) is issued to persons who have previously concluded an employment contract with a Bulgarian employer. After the conclusion of an employment contract for the respective position between the Bulgarian employer and the applicant worker, after completing the necessary documents, the application for residence and work is submitted to the Migration Directorate or Migration Department/Sector/Unit of the respective Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Interior in the country. After examination and approval, the Migration Directorate issues a residence and work permit, with which the worker applies in his/her home country to a Bulgarian consular office for obtaining a D visa. Under Bulgarian law, it is not possible to obtain a Work Visa and use this Visa to come to Bulgaria and look for work!

A work visa is only issued when there is a previously concluded work contract between an employer and a worker and after a permit for admission to the labor market in the Republic of Bulgaria has been issued. Bulgaria. After obtaining the permit and the visa, the worker is allowed to work only in the company with which he has the contract. Upon termination of the employment contract, for whatever reason, the worker’s ground for residence ceases and he must leave the country. With the same permit and visa, he cannot work for another employer.

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