The procedure for issuing a work permit in Bulgaria is regulated by the Labour Migration, Labour Mobility Act and the Aliens in Bulgaria Act.

Work permits are:

– Single residence and work permit for one to three years

– EU Blue Card for one to three years

– Seasonal employment from 90 days to 9 months ( applies to workers employed in the tourism, agriculture and fisheries sectors)

The Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Home affairs issues a work permit after receiving a positive written opinion from the Executive Director of the Employment Agency.

The law also permits the residence and work of employees under the conditions of:

– Intra-corporate transfer

– Employment of researchers, students and interns

– Dispatched employee

– Permission to carry out freelance work

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Work Documents

The documents required for a bulgaria work permit are many and quite specific. In the first place, they vary depending on the job. There is a code (National Occupational Classification) for each occupation. Each code has different requirements for work permit documents.

Secondly, some documents should be provided by the employer and others by the employee.

After acquiring the residence and work permit, the employee applies for a bulgarian visa. Upon receiving the work permit visa and arriving in Bulgaria, the worker is obliged to register with the relevant migration unit.

Since the procedure is quite complicated, only an immigration lawyer in Sofia, Bulgaria can provide assistance in the labour migration sector.

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