Are you dreaming of making Bulgaria your permanent home? The good news is that achieving Bulgaria permanent residence is not only a possibility but also an endeavor made simpler with strategic steps, such as Bulgaria residency by investment.

Apply for Bulgarian Residency

The process to apply for Bulgarian residency is well-defined and accessible. Whether you are considering Bulgaria long stay residence or exploring other avenues, understanding the application process is crucial. From gathering necessary documentation to submitting your application, navigating the process with the help of experienced professionals can streamline your estabilish.

Bulgaria Permanent Residence Permit – Long stay

Upon successful completion of the application process, you’ll be granted a Bulgaria long stay residence permit. This permit not only serves as evidence of your legal status in the country but also opens doors to various opportunities. With a Bulgaria long stay residence permit, you can live, work, and study in Bulgaria and obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

Bulgaria Residence Card for EU Citizens

For citizens of the European Union seeking Bulgaria long stay residence, the process is particularly seamless. Bulgaria residence for EU citizens involves a straightforward application procedure, providing a gateway to enjoying the benefits of residing in this beautiful country, with mild southern climate and tasty food.

Bulgaria Residence Permit Benefits

Securing a Bulgaria residence permit comes with a myriad of benefits. Access to Bulgaria’s excellent healthcare and education systems, and the ability to engage in economic activities without constraints.

Bulgaria Residence Permit Requirements

Understanding the Bulgaria residence permit requirements is essential for a successful application. From financial criteria to legal documentation, meeting these prerequisites ensures a smooth and efficient process. Expert guidance can be invaluable in navigating the complexities of the requirements.


Bulgaria Residency by Buying Property

Investing in Bulgarian real estate is a popular route to Bulgaria residency. By purchasing property in the country, you not only acquire a tangible asset but also pave the way for obtaining permanent residence. The value of the property or properties purchased may not be less than BGN 600 000 including VAT.

Bulgarian Residence Permit by Marriage

Another avenue to Bulgaria long stay residence is through marriage to a Bulgarian citizen. This option is available to foreign nationals who conclude with a Bulgarian spouse, offering a pathway to legal residency.

Bulgarian Residence Permit for EU Citizens

EU citizens looking to extend their stay in Bulgaria can also obtain a Bulgarian residence permit. This process is designed to be efficient, allowing EU citizens to enjoy the perks of Bulgaria permanent residence seamlessly.

Bulgarian Permanent Residence Benefits

Choosing Bulgaria as your long stay residence comes with numerous advantages. From a high quality of life to a favorable tax environment, the benefits extend to various aspects of daily living.

Buy Property in Bulgaria and Get Residency

Investing in Bulgarian real estate not only grants you a beautiful home but also serves as a direct route to obtaining residency. The option to buy property in Bulgaria and get residency has attracted many individuals seeking a harmonious blend of lifestyle and investment.

Getting Residency in Bulgaria

The process of getting residency in Bulgaria is a well-charted journey with defined steps. Expert guidance can help you navigate the intricacies, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Bulgaria.


Extension of residence in Bulgaria

The option of an extension of term of residence permit in Bulgaria is particularly advantageous for those seeking flexibility in their stay. Understanding the nuances of this option ensures a seamless longer stay.

Renewing Bulgarian Residence Permit

Maintaining your Bulgaria long stay residence involves renewing your residence permit when necessary. Staying informed about the renewal process is crucial for uninterrupted residency.

Residence Card Bulgaria

Upon obtaining long stay residence, you will be issued a residence card. This card is a valuable document that signifies your legal status in Bulgaria and facilitates various activities. When you get your Bulgarian residence card, you also get your foreigner ID number and address. With the card with this number and address you can open a bank account, conclude contracts with telecommunication operators, etc.

Short-term residence Residence Bulgaria

For those seeking a temporary stay, obtaining short-term residence in Bulgaria is possible option. To experience life in Bulgaria without a long-term commitment, it can be for the purpose of private visit and for the purpose of tourism.

Travel to Bulgaria with EU Residence Permit

With a Bulgaria residence permit, especially for EU citizens, travel within the Schengen Area is simplified. This added flexibility enhances the overall experience of living in Bulgaria.

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