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Labour migration

The employment of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is determined by the current national legislation in the field of employment of foreigners.

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According to Article 9, paragraph 1 of the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria, a visa is a permit for entry and residence, for transit through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or for airport transit. 

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We have been successfully helping foreigners for more than 12 years to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Citizenship significantly expands the rights of a person living in a particular country. This applies not only to political but also to personal rights.


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The services of a migration law lawyer may be needed by both a foreigner and a Bulgarian citizen. We are ready to provide the necessary legal assistance, even in confusing situations and cases of a high degree of complexity, expressed in the preparation of applications or appeals against administrative acts. The main thing in the work of a good lawyer for foreigners is to know perfectly the legislation in this matter, both of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

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Remember that the sooner you consult a migration lawyer, the easier it will be to get a positive result on your problem!

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Bulgarian citizenship for citizens of Russia

Bulgarian citizenship for citizens of Russia

The conditions and grounds for acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship by citizens of Russia are the same as for citizens of other countries. They are stipulated in the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. To apply for citizenship, a Russian citizen must have been granted...

Education for foreigners in Bulgaria

Education for foreigners in Bulgaria

Education in Bulgaria Candidate students from both the European Union and non-European countries can apply to Bulgarian higher education institutions.Candidate students from the EU In the universities in the Republic of Bulgaria can apply for all specialties, forms of...

What should I do if I receive a Bulgarian visa refusal?

What should I do if I receive a Bulgarian visa refusal?

There can be a variety of reasons for a Bulgarian visa refusal. Of course, this refusal can be appealed to the administrative courts in Bulgaria. I find it necessary to insert here that the court's ruling is ultimately not binding, but only advisory to the authority...

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