As qualified lawyers, we provide full legal assistance to all who wish to immigrate to the Republic of Bulgaria and respectively the European Union. We have been successfully helping foreigners in obtaining Bulgarian residence permit for more than 12 years.

I. Types of residence in Bulgaria


Short-term residence Bulgaria - Up to 3 months in any 6-month period from the date of entry into the country.


Extended residence Bulgaria - Up to 1 year permitted.


Bulgaria long-term residence - Initial term of 5 years allowed and option to renew upon application.


Bulgaria permanent residence - Indefinite residence period allowed.

II. Grounds for residence in Bulgaria

1. Short-term residence Bulgaria

1.1. Travelling for tourism

1.2. Single visits

2. Extended residence Bulgaria

2.1. After authorisation to carry out work under an employment relationship

2.2. Commercial activity in the country

2.3. Representation of foreign trading companies

2.4. Invested amount not less than 600 000 BGN in real estate

2.5. Spouse of a Bulgarian citizen- Bulgarian residence permit by marriage

3. Long-term residence Bulgaria

3.1. Long term residence permit is given to a foreigner, who has resided in Bulgaria legally and without interruption in the period of 5 years upon the date of submission of an application for a long-term residence permit

4. Permanent residence Bulgaria

4.1. Presence of bulgarian origin

4.2. Long-term residence permit 

4.3. Investments made for at least 1 000 000 leva- Bulgaria residency by investment


The above information applies to Bulgarian residence permit for non european countries citizens.

We provide effective legal assistance in case of violation of the Bulgarian and European migration legislation. By contacting us, you can count on effective and qualified protection of your rights.

Until recently, migration law was one of the least popular branches of law. Today the situation is changing. To clarify, residents of Eastern Europe want to emigrate to the West and become workers there. In contrast, older people from the west want to emigrate to the Republic of Bulgaria. Moreover, many people from third countries are immigrants to the Republic of Bulgaria for various reasons.
That is why migration law and migration legislation are becoming increasingly relevant.

Certainly, appropriate level of information is needed for the applicant or complainant on all issues. This is to guarantee a successful migration process.

It is advisable to seek a professional legal assistance at each stage of the process.

Often, the lack of timely professional assistance from a qualified migration lawyer can not only significantly complicate, but also make it impossible to obtain migration status.

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