We receive a high volume of enquiries about Bulgarian citizenship. Children of Bulgarian citizens who were born abroad are citizens of their country of origin – the country in which they were born.
According to Article 8 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, namely:
“A Bulgarian citizen by descent is anyone of whom at least one parent is a Bulgarian citizen.”
This means that anyone born abroad to one parent who is a Bulgarian citizen is also a Bulgarian citizen by descent and does not need to apply for Bulgarian citizenship under the general procedure. In the case of applying for citizenship the procedure is different and is called: DETERMINATIVE PROCEDURE, in which it is established whether the person is a Bulgarian citizen or not.
For persons born abroad with a Bulgarian citizen parent, the procedure is much shorter- about 2 months. The necessary documents are submitted to the municipality of the permanent address of the parent or, if both parents are Bulgarian citizens, of one of them. After that, the establishment procedure begins, which is carried out by a specialised state body, in this case the Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate.
If you are in Bulgaria, we can represent you. It is enough to authorize us and send us the necessary documents.
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