The legal residence frame regulates the access of foreigners to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The residency requirements depend on the countries foreigners come from.

In this sense, we could divide the article into two parts.

 1. Bulgarian residence permits for EU citizens and foreigners.

2. Bulgarian residence permit for non european citizens.

Citizens of the Member States of the European Union have the right to move freely and reside on the territory of other Member States such as Bulgaria.

This is one of the four fundamental freedoms concerning the establishment and functioning of the European Union in general.

Also, foreign nationals from Member States of the European Union have the right to work in Bulgaria. They are allowed to register and carry out business activities with their own companies as well.

The only restrictions on work are in the areas of security, home affairs and defence.

However, getting residency in Bulgaria for non european citizens is quite different.

In order for short-term residence, long-term residence or permanent residence permit to be acquired this category of foreigners must have a legal basis for it.

There are various legal grounds for residency in Bulgaria. They range from short-term residence of up to 90 days for tourism and private visits to long-term and permanent residence.

These legal grounds could be for the purpose of:

– Investment in real estate

– Investment in enterprises

– Investment in the stock market

– Obtaining work permits (including eu blue card)

– Marrying a Bulgarian citizen

– Registering a company and opening job positions

– Registration of commercial representation of a foreign company, etc.

Of course, the procedures for applying for and obtaining a Bulgarian residence permit are very conditional and specific.

There are adversities related to the correct formalization of documents, the justification of the purpose and the time limit. In order to avoid them, it is desirable to use qualified legal assistance. Such could be from a lawyer with a narrow migration qualification.

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