The conditions and grounds for acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship by citizens of Russia are the same as for citizens of other countries. They are stipulated in the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. To apply for citizenship, a Russian citizen must have been granted permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria. Acquiring Bulgarian citizenship is a long and complicated process. It starts with booking a date, time to submit the necessary documents and an interview. Booking a date is done electronically on the website of the Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate of the Ministry of Justice. Dates on this register are booked for more than one year in advance. Once the documents have been submitted and the interview has taken place, the actual procedure begins.

According to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, this process lasts up to 18 months, and in most cases considerably longer. There are various possibilities and reasons to shorten these time limits and in some cases ignore them completely. In the case of grounds for acquiring citizenship through investments, the time limits are considerably shorter. On the other hand, they are more labour-intensive because they involve additional certificates from other institutions. Acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship by descent is also a different procedure than acquisition by general naturalisation. In this case, it is again possible to significantly shorten the period for acquiring citizenship.

These issues, as well as everything related to the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship and especially the shortening of procedural deadlines can be solved by experienced lawyers with a narrow migration specialisation.They are aware of both the legislative framework in this area of law and the particularities of working with the public administration.

If you want to significantly shorten the timeframe for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship and largely guarantee ultimate success, contact us for a more detailed consultation and possible involvement on our part in your case.

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