There can be a variety of reasons for a Bulgarian visa refusal. Of course, this refusal can be appealed to the administrative courts in Bulgaria. I find it necessary to insert here that the court’s ruling is ultimately not binding, but only advisory to the authority that refused the visa – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry’s decision is a result of consultation with various departments.

Usually the court confirms the refusal of the visa or decides to review the application. There is no guarantee of a positive outcome after an appeal to court and in most cases the refusal is repeated.

A lot of time is wasted (months or even more than a year) while the court procedure lasts and in that time the visa applicant is not allowed to submit another bulgaria visa application form.  

The approach of our specialized law firm is different

We first review and analyse the visa refusal for Bulgaria carefully so we can establish the reasons. Our very often recommendation to our clients is that the refusal itself should not be appealed. This is done in order to give effect to the refusal so as the applicant could reapply once the problems led to the refusal have been rectified. In this way we avoid the time wasting and high costs associated with litigation.

The reasons for refusing a visa for Bulgaria, as we have already said, are manifold. Very often, they are related to insufficient justification of the purpose of the trip. The discrepancy between the purpose and the period of stay could also not meet the requirements to enter Bulgaria.

Another reason might be the visa applicant being banned from the territory under the Schengen Agreements (Schengen Access Ban). There are also many other reasons which are manageable as long as specialized legal assistance and an experienced lawyer are used. The lawyer should rather be with detailed knowledge of both Bulgarian and European law. It would be best to get this specialized legal assistance right from the start when preparing the documents and applying for a visa for Bulgaria.

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