Education in Bulgaria

Candidate students from both the European Union and non-European countries can apply to Bulgarian higher education institutions.
Candidate students from the EU

In the universities in the Republic of Bulgaria can apply for all specialties, forms of education and grounds for admission persons who meet the following conditions:

  1. To have completed secondary education, giving them the right to continue their education in higher education;
  2. To have a score forming grades in the diploma for secondary education for the respective specialties.

Applicant students from outside the EU

Foreign citizens can apply and study at universities in the Republic of Bulgaria, as follows:

  • in implementation of intergovernmental agreements for educational, scientific and cultural exchange;
  • according to acts of the Council of Ministers
  • under the conditions of art. 95, para. (8) and (10) of the Higher Education Act

For more information and consultation about the higher schools in the Republic of Bulgaria and about the application procedures, as well as for legal assistance and assistance in completing and submitting the documents to the respective university, please contact us.

We provide legal assistance and assistance in obtaining D visa certificates from the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as for the set of documents required for a D visa and a residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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