The question of „How to get residency in Bulgaria“ could be only answered by giving information on the grounds for applying. The most common and accessible grounds for obtaining residence permit for non-european citizens are:

– Being a Sales Representative

– Being a co-owner of a company with at least 10 employees

– Cohabitation

Being enrolled as a student in Bulgaria or studying in Bulgaria

We will now have a look at each of the obtions above.

A person from a non-European country (outside the EU) can obtain a bulgarian residence permit if appointed as a sales representative of a foreign company. If you want to become a sales representative and respectively obtain residence, we can assist in finding a foreign company with commercial representation in Bulgaria. We are in contact with such agencies and could help you both with your appointment as a representative and in the processing of the necessary paperwork for the relevant procedures.


Another ground for getting residency in Bulgaria as a person from outside the European Union is is the ownership or co-ownership of a company that has a staff of at least 10 people. We could give you the contacts of such companies in which, for a minimum contribution, you can be a co-owner, which qualifies you for a residence permit. 

The cohabitation is also an option for getting residency- the so called bulgarian residence permit by marriage. In order to obtain such permit the non-european is required to:

  1. Have a civil marriage with a Bulgarian citizen. It can be concluded in the foreign citizen’s country. However, the document itself (certificate of civil marriage) must be subsequently re-issued by the municipal administration of the Bulgarian citizen’s permanent address.
  2. On the grounds of cohabitation, a foreign citizen may also reside if he/she is not in a marriage relationship with a Bulgarian citizen but has a child whose birth certificate lists both parents. These documents are the main ones. However, the residency requirements include about ten more supporting documents which we could prepare and provide for you as well as participate in your procedure.

Pursuing a higher education degree in Bulgaria can also guarantee a non-european with a residence card. In order to study in Bulgaria, the foreigner needs to apply online to the chosen university or contact us to assist him in choosing one. Once approved and admitted, he should obtain the relevant documents from the university and the Ministry of Education and Science. This is the basis along with other supporting documents for obtaining visa D.

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